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Who said that lingerie has to rhyme with discomfort? These days, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to underwear that's sexy, trendy AND comfortable.

Of course, comfort is a matter of individual preference, depending on size, style or particular needs. However, there are types of lingerie that are known to offer maximum well-being. Here is an overview of the most comfortable lingerie in 2024.

Lingerie made from natural material: a pleasant touch

To feel good in your underwear, choose lingerie made from natural materials such as cotton or silk. They are cozy, soft and very pleasant to wear. Natural materials let your skin breathe and offer an optimal feeling of well-being.

In addition to the comfort provided by silk or cotton underwear, this type of fabric offers countless benefits. In fact, it absorbs perspiration, prevents bad odors and allergy problems. Needless to say, you're going to have a great time in your underwear.

Comfortable lingerie body for women - PROMISE Red

The balconette bra: absolute support

To judge the comfort of your underwear, your chest is a good indicator. The balconette bra is a great compromise if you want to have a beautiful round chest and shapely breasts, while being comfortable for hours of wear.

The balcony bra is a model that is between the full cup model and the push-up. You then benefit from all the advantages. You have a bra that provides full coverage, which outlines the curve of your chest while offering a pretty deep neckline.

Comfort is not left out, because its balcony-shaped design guarantees very good support. Most ? This model is suitable for everyone, particularly those with generous breasts who often have difficulty finding the ideal bra. In short, sexy and comfortable lingerie.

Five-piece lingerie set with thigh loop - CAPRICE

Five-piece lingerie set with thigh loop - CAPRICE

The shaping body: trendy and comfortable

The lingerie body is a versatile piece that is a must-have in your wardrobe. It has several advantages to its bow, and among them the comfortable aspect holds a large place.

The bodysuit was particularly created to provide wearing comfort throughout the day. It wraps your body to harmonize it in an elegant way. It erases small imperfections, highlights your size and your silhouette.

Wear it at all times, you have a wide choice of outfits to pair with your body: dress, pants set or even high-waisted skirt... In lace, cotton or silk, your body will be your ultimate lingerie to boost your trust in you.

WILD burgundy women's bodysuit

The light nightie: soft and elegant

Comfortable lingerie is your best ally for your days or evenings at home. Do you want to feel elegant and completely comfortable? The nightie is a fluid and delicate piece that sensually highlights your silhouette while giving you unparalleled freedom of movement.

In satin or silk, this nightwear gives you a very sexy look. Embellished with fine lace, the nightie combines lightness and tenderness in a single fabric for a soft night.

It's a comfortable and sexy alternative to traditional pajamas, ideal for those looking for comfortable and flattering nightwear.

Comfortable nightie for women NUZA

NUZA women's nightie

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