About Us

Why underwear? This is the question everyone is asking.

The NAKED story began in 2018 with a gift to my wife of a lingerie set. It cost me a lot, way too much - around €280.

My wife had been dreaming of buying sexy lingerie for a while. But she had difficulty finding a brand that suited her, a quality brand, affordable and above all sexy. She was therefore forced to settle for ordinary lingerie which most of the time ended up at the bottom of the drawer...

At one point, I thought I had found a brand that could match his criteria, except for the price: €280 for the set, can you imagine? She really wanted to give it a try but we were students, just a few years ago and had just started our careers, so it was too expensive for her. That's when I decided to really treat her by giving her her first sexy lingerie and honestly, it was the best gift I could have given her and she felt so good in it, she was radiant.

Then the thought never left us:

Why in a country where women are the most beautiful, the sexiest and know how to accept themselves, are there no more sexy lingerie brands? Why is high quality lingerie necessarily very expensive?

Not having found an answer to our questions, we decided to create our own lingerie brand NAKED Underwear.

Beautiful and sexy, for every day and for special occasions, today, a few years later, NAKED Underwear lingerie is delivered all over the world to make every woman in the world feel confident and sexy wearing bold lingerie .

To be honest, the first 3 years of work were very difficult for us, because creating a high-quality lingerie brand at an affordable price is not an easy task. Knowing all the difficulties of this process initially, we might not have started. But we're glad we didn't know...

Today, at NAKED Underwear, we offer exclusive lingerie sets that we are proud of:

We are proud :

  • From our technology
  • From our proven models
  • To offer daring lingerie
  • Affordable lingerie for everyone
  • From our experienced and service team.