Lingerie: why adopt the bodysuit in 2024?

Lingerie : pourquoi adopter le body en 2024 ?

Practical, sexy and ultra trendy, body lingerie is a timeless piece that only has advantages. This lingerie classic has always had a special place in our drawer. No matter your outfit, the bodysuit is always there to enhance your look.

Are you still hesitant to adopt it? Here is a list of good reasons why you should focus on bodysuits for this new year 2024.

The body to be sexy

We love lingerie because it makes us feel attractive and sensual. You know what ? The bodysuit is the ultimate sexy lingerie. Especially if you choose a daring design, like the strappy bodysuit with suspender belt, the bodysuit with a plunging neckline, or the corset model. The height of seduction and provocation.

Do you want to feel attractive and confident? Put on your lingerie bodysuit, it will be your best ally to boost your sex appeal. There are different models, each sexier than the other. You will find what you are looking for among our 2024 selections .

Sexy body-Wrap body-VALERIA

The body, comfortable lingerie

In addition to being very sexy, the bodysuit is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable pieces of lingerie . This is what makes it famous among all women. By wearing a bodysuit, you will have this feeling of being “wrapped” like in a pretty soft and safe cocoon.

Do you want to be comfortable all day? Opt for a bodysuit made from elastic and soft fabric, but which is at the same time elegant. Optimal comfort guaranteed.

Comfortable body - Body with thigh loop WILD BLACK

The body to be in trend

The bodysuit is a very popular piece of lingerie in our wardrobe, especially for this new year 2024. If you want to stay on trend, try it. Embellished with embroidery, lace, pearls or chains, this all-purpose underwear fits all styles.

In recent seasons, stars and influencers have launched the fashion for body lingerie which can be worn as a piece of clothing in its own right. Very stylish, this look guarantees a sexy, glamorous and elegant effect. Wearing the bodysuit as a top is quite simple, because it goes with almost everything. Trendy jeans, high-waisted skirts or even costume sets, the lingerie bodysuit completes and enhances your outfit.

Lace lingerie bodysuit for women - CRUSH

The bodysuit to sculpt your body

We love the bodysuit so much because it's a piece that erases our little imperfections. It is a shaping underwear that flattens the stomach, covers the waist and highlights the neckline. In short, the body creates an elegant, beautifully sculpted and harmonious silhouette.

In addition, wearing the bodysuit helps you have good posture, because it maintains your abdominal muscles and automatically keeps your back and shoulders straight.

Women's lingerie body - PROMISE WHITE

The body for all body types

Another undeniable advantage of the bodysuit lies in its versatility. This lingerie is suitable for all women, regardless of the body shape of the person wearing it.

Do you have a developed chest? You will find the bodysuit suited to your cup, and what's more, it will enhance your beautiful neckline. If, on the contrary, you have a small chest, the bodysuit with triangle bra will be your seductive ally. Do you have beautiful, generous curves? Highlight them with a shaping bodysuit.

Bodysuit with suspender belt - MILLA


You will have understood, adopting the bodysuit only has advantages for your figure and your self-confidence. You no longer have any excuses for not having one or even several in your wardrobe this year.

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