Giving lingerie at Christmas: Tips for the ideal gift

Offrir de la lingerie à Noël : Conseils pour le cadeau idéal

Giving lingerie to your wife, fiancée or girlfriend for Christmas is a great idea. It is a sensual, sexy and very intimate gift that is sure to please the person who receives it. Yes, lingerie opens the doors wide to romance, flirting games and eroticism.

But you still have to find THE perfect piece that will invite you to feel beautiful, desired, to feel like a woman. Between nightie, bodysuit, bra, and lingerie set, you don't know where to turn? Relax gentlemen, we will give you the best advice for choosing the ideal lingerie and making it an unforgettable gift.

Giving lingerie at Christmas: Know your preferences

This type of gift is very personal, to choose it you must take into consideration the personality and tastes of your partner. It will also be a mark of your attention which will be highly valued.

Our advice : Don't prioritize your fantasies to the detriment of what she likes. Don't go and give him a stringed thong if it doesn't look like him. Conversely, if she is rather seductive and likes daring lingerie, why not choose a set with a suspender belt? Accessories like harnesses or body chains will also be a good idea.

Our Christmas gift ideas :

- A special occasion calls for an original gift idea like the JOLYE four-piece set, very sophisticated with a modern style.

Offer lingerie at Christmas - JOLYE

- For a more daring gift, the LILY ROUGE two-piece set will please him.

Give lingerie gifts at Christmas - Lily Rouge

Giving lingerie at Christmas: Sexy or comfort?

Ah, that’s the big question! Because who says lingerie, necessarily says sensuality and sex appeal. But what about comfort in all that?

Know that if one can go without the other, this is not necessarily the case. On NAKED Underwear , you will find an extensive collection of lingerie that combines sexy and comfort. Honestly, there is nothing better for a lingerie gift.

Our Christmas gift ideas :

Nothing better than the PROMISE Rouge lingerie bodysuit to combine comfort and seduction. You are sure to make a mark!

Offer lingerie at Christmas - PROMISE Red

Offer lingerie at Christmas: Be careful with the size!

This is a very important, even crucial, criterion when you are going to choose lingerie. Don't make a mistake at the risk of making your Christmas present a flop.

Our advice : If you don't know the size of your partner, choose adjustable items.

Giving lingerie at Christmas: Color is important

Christmas is near, and the trend for this time of year is red like Santa's outfit. Although very attractive and very provocative, you do not have to take this color. Make your choice based on their favorite color, skin tone, hair color and eye color. Always choose a color that will highlight it.

Our Christmas gift ideas :

Do you know that our ESSENTIAL flagship piece is available in red and black? This five-piece lingerie set with thigh loop is the ideal gift if your wife likes lingerie that is both daring and elegant.

Lingerie Christmas gift - ESSENTIAL

Giving lingerie at Christmas: For what occasion?

There’s lingerie for every occasion. When you go to choose the model, it would be useful to have in mind for which particular occasion your partner could wear it.

For lingerie that will spice up your romantic evenings or your hot evenings, a bold model is essential. Otherwise, for daily wear, a comfortable, but equally sensual piece is more appropriate.

Our Christmas gift ideas :

Kill two birds with one stone with the NOIR SAUVAGE bodysuit . A super sensual bodysuit with thigh loop that offers pleasant everyday comfort.

Offer the Wild Black Bodysuit as a Christmas gift

Offering lingerie at Christmas: Prioritize quality

Whether for the material, the design or the finishes, make it a point to choose quality pieces. On the one hand, offering lingerie made with high quality materials demonstrates that you value your woman, because you only want to offer her the best. On the other hand, you guarantee better comfort and a long duration of use.

To do this, shop from trusted brands like NAKED Underwear . We are an online store specializing in quality lingerie and drawing on our experience in the field of women's underwear.

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