How to give sexy lingerie as a gift to a woman: TIPS

Comment offrir de la lingerie sexy en cadeau à une femme : CONSEILS

How to give sexy lingerie as a gift to a woman: TIPS

One of the most desirable gifts that a woman would like to receive from her beloved man is a sexy, stunning and seductive lingerie set.

If you know your girlfriend well enough, then without a doubt, a gift of sexy lingerie will please your chosen one and it will be appreciated. 

You might think that men should have no difficulty in offering lingerie, since the choice is immense today. But in fact, most men, especially those who find themselves in a lingerie store for the first time, do not know how to choose and gift lingerie correctly for a woman and are afraid of making a mistake with the size and style the choice of lingerie. Men are simply lost at the idea of ​​gifting lingerie.

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Offer sexy lingerie as a gift for a woman - How and where to choose an intimate gift?

We strongly advise you not to waste time shopping in physical lingerie stores which will greatly complicate your idea of ​​gifting lingerie. Instead, we advise you to get your favorite lingerie as a gift from the NAKED Underwear online store . NAKED Underwear specializes in lingerie gifts and they will help you find and fulfill your goal: Gift lingerie. The catalog contains a wide range of bold lingerie: five-piece lingerie sets, four-piece lingerie sets, three-piece lingerie sets, corsets, panties, bathrobes, dressing gowns, bodysuits, among which you will definitely be able to find something which will satisfy your desire to offer lingerie. 

Additionally, all items featured on the NAKED Underwear website have a sleek, feminine and sexy design, as well as high-quality tailoring and materials, so your loved one will definitely be delighted that you made the decision to offer her lingerie.

If you're not sure how to get sexy lingerie or more classic underwear for your girlfriend, use the handy filters to search NAKED Underwear . So you can easily choose the model of the right size, style, brand and price segment. And if you have difficulty with the choice, the store staff is always ready to provide professional advice and assistance in placing an order and helping you gift lingerie.

But keep in mind when you are going to give lingerie to your girlfriend the set you have chosen must not only please you, but also please your girlfriend for whom it is intended, otherwise she will simply hide it in the corner. further from the closet and will forget about it.

To avoid this and ensure that your idea of ​​​​giving lingerie is successful and you make the right choice from the variety of models , styles and sizes of women's bras and panties, try to understand how to choose underwear for your beloved wife, girlfriend or girlfriend and what nuances you should pay attention to. Ideal body to offer when you want to offer lingerie - Body DOLCE NAKED Underwear

First of all, here is a PERFECT selection so that you can offer sexy lingerie without asking yourself hundreds of questions, these models have been approved by many women and also by men who wanted to offer lingerie


NAKED Sexy women's bodysuit underwear DOLCE NAKED Sexy bodysuit underwear for women - WILD BLACK NAKED Underwear three-piece lingerie set for women, including suspender belt and thigh loop. JOLYE three-piece sets.

  1. NAKED Underwear Body DOLCE - The ideal body when you want to give lingerie as a gift

  2. NAKED Underwear Bodysuit NOIR SAUVAGE - perfect when you want to gift lingerie
  3. NAKED Underwear the JOLYE three-piece set - The ideal set when you want to give lingerie as a gift

Offering lingerie to a woman which type to choose: A GUIDE TO CHOOSING

The most important thing to pay attention to when giving women's lingerie is of course its size. If with panties it is more or less clear, with a bra there may be slight difficulties. And the wrong size threatens to spoil your girlfriend's mood and yours when you go to gift her lingerie.

So that you understand the meaning of all these numbers and letters and do not face difficulties in gifting lingerie in the future, let's figure out what the size of a women's bra is.

To choose the right size for a women's bra, we take into account the volume under the breast (in centimeters: 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, etc.) and the cup size, which is indicated by the letter - A, B, C, D. As a result of measurements, we get a combination, for example 85C - this is the size of the bra.

The size of the panties can be indicated by numbers from 34 to 48 or by the letters XS-XL.

If you are not sure what size your friend wears, and it is not always possible to determine the size of the chest by eye, try paying attention to the labels on her underwear, or rather to the combination indicated. This is very valuable information that you will pass on to make a choice or will facilitate the task of an advisor.

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How to give lingerie to a woman with small breasts?


On girls with a small chest or an average breast size, almost any type of bra will fit. Bras with soft or semi-soft cups, push-up models or models without underwire will all be perfect for her.

Validated feminine lace bras with soft cups emphasize natural beauty. Bras with lace and guipure finishes, which elegantly emphasize natural shapes, are also very popular among girls.

Here is a selection of daring lingerie when you want to offer lingerie to a woman with small breasts:

NAKED Underwear bold lingerie brand - ideal model for small breasts four-piece lingerie sets PLEASURE

NAKED Underwear women's lingerie three-piece set JOLYE

NAKED Underwear women's lingerie brand four-piece set LIBERTA

How to give lingerie to a woman with big breasts?

If your beloved has large breasts, try to give her lingerie in which she will not only feel attractive, but also as comfortable as possible.

Pay attention to our next recommendations; they will allow you to find the perfect model when you want to offer lingerie:

  • large breasts need good support, so choose models with underwire and preferably a wide elastic band;
  • narrow straps cut into the skin of the shoulders, so you need a bra with wide straps;

Here is a selection of daring lingerie for a woman with large breasts:

NAKED Underwear model sexy lingerie for big breasts five-piece lingerie sets - EROTIC Black

NAKED Underwear model sexy lingerie for woman with big breasts four-piece lingerie set - SAVAGE

NAKED Underwear sexy bodysuit for women with big breasts, bodysuit with thigh circumference - WILD BLACK NAKED Underwear sexy bodysuit for women with big breasts, bodysuit with thigh circumference - WILD WHITE

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